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888sport not allowed in Switzerland

  • Hello, I would like to make the first bet using the welcome bonus but all instructions and calculator are only made fro Betser and 888sport. I just received an email from 888sport, where they say that my account is closed since I live in switzerland. Is there a guide and a calculator dedicated for Switzerland?

  • Staff NinjaBet

    Hi @ziodany78,

    Unfortunately, we don't have a free offer for Switzerland. You can either do it with another Bookie, use the odds you see for 888sports and change them according to the ones from the bookie you are using directly in the calculator or directly sign up for a premium and get instant access to all bookies and all offers. I do not advise you to use my first suggestion since you don't have any experience yet. One more thing - we offer our support for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland exclusively in German. I answer this inquiry as a courtesy to you 🙂

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